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On the wall. On the desk. On the cubicle. Nameplates can go anywhere!  Nameplates are a great way to help visitors and new staff members easily navigate your building.  They are also a great way to recognize the importance of each member of your team.

Nameplates are custom made and can be made in way or style to fit the look of your brand, building or employee.  Here are the three main types of nameplates:


1)      Basic engraved nameplate.  These are generally 2” x 8” or 2” x 10”, however we can also create other sizes as needed.  The basic nameplate has a single color background and a single color letter.  We can engrave up to three lines on these nameplates.  Basic nameplates can either mount on the wall, on the desk, or on a cubicle.

2)      Acrylic nameplate.  These are generally 2” x 10”, however other sizes can be created as needed.  These nameplates can have any colors, added logos, added clip art and can have a custom cut shape.  All acrylic nameplates can mount to a wall, desk, or cubicle.

3)      Custom nameplates.  These nameplates are completely custom fabricated.  They can be any size, shape, or color needed.  We can add your text to these nameplates, or we can make these with a changeable insert so you can insert your own nameplates as employees change.  Custom nameplates can be made to mount to a wall, desk, or cubicle.

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