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Vinyl Car Wrap as Alternative to Custom Paint Jobs

According to an article posted on Angie’s List, the lowest price range you could expect to pay to paint your car is $300 to $900. That’s a single coat of enamel but many of us know that most cars on the road require enamel plus clear coat. Removing rust and imperfections prior to painting will nearly double the cost. If you want a high-end paint job, the price increases exponentially. Justifiably so, since auto-body repair can be labor intensive, not to mention time consuming.

Introducing vinyl car wraps. Many car enthusiasts the world over are figuratively driving their new car off the dealership lot and heading to the nearest aftermarket location for custom vinyl vehicle wraps or graphics. Why?

  1. Vinyl car wraps protect the original paint from fading, dulling, and minor scratches. The wrap comes off before the car is traded in with an exterior that looks nearly new. Just so we’re clear: Vinyl car wraps do not prevent collision damage. This is especially important if the car you’ve purchased is destined to be a classic.
  2. Vinyl car wraps offer a plethora of customizations that the manufacturer/dealer probably doesn’t provide: graphics, racing stripes, flames (if you’re so inclined), and colors choices, just to name a few. If you are into matte colors, digital graphics, opalescent sheens, or shiny metallics for your luxury sports car, vinyl wraps are the way to go.
  3. Vinyl car wraps are less expensive than paint. Depending upon the vinyl used and the professional you choose, you could expect to pay half what it would cost to paint.
  4. Vinyl car wraps take 2 to 5 days to install compared to painting which can leave you without your vehicle for about two weeks.
  5. Vinyl car wraps are easier to maintain than paint. Water, mild detergent, and a microfiber cloth will keep the exterior looking shiny and new. No more washing, waxing, and buffing on Saturdays.
  6. Vinyl car wraps give new life to your existing vehicle. Switch that drab gray for something that will turn heads.

Vinyl vehicle wraps and car graphics aren’t just for businesses advertising to a moving audience. Explore other benefits of having your car wrapped in this recent blog post.   Contact Blue Ridge Sign & Stamp to discuss design ideas and pricing for a custom, one-of-a-kind automotive exterior.

March 30th, 2017|Vehicle Wraps & Graphics|

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