Do you need help determining what kind of sign (or signs) you need for your business? We’ve provided a few tips to help you in the decision making process.

  1. Budget. How much sign can you afford? Know the maximum amount that you can spend but consider signage that costs less. That will give your budget some flexibility and room to expand if the need arises.
  2. Lighting. Outdoors (facing a street or parking lot): Take a good look around your location at different times of day. What is the lighting like in the morning, at noon, mid-afternoon, evening, and at night? Take photos at these times, if possible, to share with the sign company that you choose to create your signage. It’s also good to know the level of visibility your business has in bright sunlight as well as heavy rain or snow. Consider how easy or difficult it is for someone driving and for someone walking to notice your business at varying times of day and weather conditions. Indoors (within a plaza or shopping center): Is your business in a location that benefits from overhead lighting, natural lighting (skylights), or lighting from other businesses or is it in a less-trafficked area of the shopping center? Note this information for your sign professionals so that they can present you with solutions that will get your business noticed.
  3. Location. The location of your business will determine the right kind of sign for you as well. Is your business in a plaza or a strip mall? It will be important for walkers to see your signage as well as vehicles moving through the parking lot. Aluminum lettering or cast aluminum overhead signage may be the right choice for vehicles in the distance as well as lettering for the front windows where passers-by can take notice from eye level. Is your business situated inside a larger building where outdoor lighting is no issue? Colorful over-the-door signage in various choices of lightweight materials may be the proper choice.
  4. Ordinances and/or Lease Regulations. Knowing what your local government or your landlord allows when it comes to signage will prevent you from making a costly decision. It is likely that your sign professionals are already familiar with the city ordinances where your business is located or the shopping center at which you’re renting space. This is the main reason for choosing a local, experienced sign maker. Still, you should always check with your city government and/or your landlord for the limitations on business signage.

Blue Ridge Sign and Stamp has been creating signs since 1985 for businesses in Roanoke, Salem, and areas throughout the New River Valley of Virginia. For answers, ideas, and solutions you can rely on, contact Blue Ridge Sign and Stamp.

March 30th, 2017|Tips & Guides|

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