How Much will an Interior Sign Cost?

There are many different types of interior signs including, office signs, lobby signs, interior directories, window decals, wall murals, desk signs, and conference room signs… to name just a few.  

The question our team is frequently asked is “How much will an interior sign cost?”. As you can image, the answer depends on several factors. Whether you are looking to make a sizable investment in your interior signage or need to stick to a more moderate budget,  read on for some of the key drivers of interior sign cost. 


Costs for Interior Signage

Size:  We make signs in all sizes imaginable from interior directories for your lobby to wall murals covering an entire wall or surface.  As you can image, larger signage typically cost more.

Material:  Interior Office Signs can be made from acrylic, vinyl, wood, brass, aluminum, etched glass, and many other substrates.  Certain applications require specific materials to be used.  In some cases you do have several substrate to choose from and this choice can impact your cost significantly.

Colors:  Signs can be made using a wide variety of stock colors or we can color match to your logo, your office paint, furniture, and more.  Stock colors provide for a quicker turn around and are typically easier on the budget.

Shape:  Additionally, signs can be made in standard shapes such as rectangles, squares, and circles or custom shapes.  Custom shapes really make an impact and can reflect your culture better than a standard shape.  However, custom shapes are typically more expensive.

Braille:  Do your signage requirements include braille or ADA compliance?  Fixed rooms such as kitchens, data or telecommunications closets,  and stairways need to include braille signage.  General offices such as conference rooms and private offices that can be of general use do not need braille.  (Please do check with your local sign ordinances to confirm legal requirements for your specific local and situation). Braille signs have more specifications and are typically more expensive to make.

Flexibility:  Do you need to have flexibility?  Interior directories, name plates, office signs can be fabricated with fixed messaging or inserts to enable name and messaging changes.  By way of example, a sign for a Conference Room can easily be a fixed sign while the office sign for  “Jane Smith, Office Manager” may need to have an insert to allow for personnel changes.  Fixed signs are less expensive to produce initially; however, inserts offer flexibility that will be more cost effective in the long term.

Installation:  Larger signs and more complex signage, requires planning and installation by our team.  The cost of planning for the complex installation, additional materials for installs, and the installation labor is an additional part of the overall quote when installation services are needed.

Quantity:  The design, layout, and production setup for a sign is done only once, no matter how many you order.  Ordering in more quantity allows these costs to be spread out over a larger number of signs, thus making your cost per sign less.  If the type of signs you are ordering lend themselves to ordering in quantity (for immediate or future need), we recommend you do so.  It will be less expensive in the long run.

Repeat design or repeat orders:  Similar to the above, if Blue Ridge Sign & Stamp has previously produced the sign for you we will have the design, specifications, and production layout information on file.  While we won’t need to do the design phase again, doing more signs down the road can actually cost more than the originals with the loss of the quantity discount.

There are certainly other factors that are considered in the cost of quoting a sign for your business.  For a custom quote, contact us, and we’ll be happy to help.