Looking to find a car wrap company? Choosing the right one to wrap your vehicle doesn’t have to be difficult when you take the following key factors into consideration.

Price: Price should not be the deciding factor in choosing a car wrap company. You’ll want an itemized quote that lists the details of what you’re paying for up front. You’ll want no less than three price quotes so that you can compare them side-by-side. Remember the saying, “You get what you pay for?” If you’re paying less, you could be getting less.

Certifications: Corporations such as Avery-Dennison and 3M offer car wraps training and certification. Ask to see any certifications regardless of the trainer that issued them. Then go home and learn more about the training company and its standards for issuing certifications.

Experience: How much experience does the car wrap company have in the industry? Car wrap advertising has been around a while so don’t let “years” of experience really surprise you. However, you’ll want to find out if those are collective years for the whole of the company or individuals specifically. Also, you may want to know if the car wrap company also has experience in wrapping buses and commercial vehicles, recreational vehicles, and trailers.

Quality: Ask for references then go check them out. You’ll want to see the workmanship up close and personal. Look for “blurry” images or text, large wrinkles (small ones often cannot be avoided), bubbles, peeling edges, excessive use of patches, and bad trimming. These are signs of inexperience, lower quality materials, or carelessness.

Materials: Do your homework in regard to the types of materials that will be used for your specific needs. You’ll want the absolute best materials for longevity due to its durability, particularly against extreme weather conditions, cleaning agents, and UV rays. For short term or partial wraps, you should see a cost savings due to use less expensive materials and a lower amount used.

If you’re in the market to have a vehicle wrapped, check out our prior work and contact us today.