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Glow in the dark signs? Absolutely!

Blue Ridge Sign & Stamp offers the option of using glow in the dark vinyl material for your sign needs. Glow in the dark signage is very visible in either low level light conditions or when no light is available.

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Glow in the dark signage

Glow in the dark vinyl signs are often used for safe passage in emergency exit areas such as stairwells and hallways. These signs will glow in low or no light areas for about an hour. The goal with glow in the dark signage is to keep emergency exit areas marked long enough to allow evacuation of a building.

This type of signage is for interior use only. The glow in the dark vinyl itself is a light green in lit conditions. It can be offset with a contrasting color background for additional styling if desired. We typically use basic fonts on this type signage.

While this glow in the dark feature is important, you do want to use it sparingly in your building. The cost of glow in the dark signage is about three times the cost of a sign in standard vinyl.

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