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What Type of Signs Require Permits?

What Types of Signage Require Permitting? When planning and ordering signs for your business it's important to understand what signs require permits or are regulated by various governing bodies. Regulations vary by locale, but below are some general guidelines for you to consider.  Need specifics for what types of signs require permits for your exact situation?  Contact us.  We have many years of experience with sign permit regulations and can answer questions for your specific building and location. Indoor signage permit requirements Permits are not required for interior [...]

Key Questions about Monument Signs

Frequently Asked Questions about Monument Signs Monument signs are a truly custom made sign.  Blue Ridge Sign & Stamp designs, fabricates, installs, and repairs monument signs for many of the Roanoke Valley's leading businesses.  Here are some of the questions most frequently asked about monument signs from our customers.   What exactly defines a monument sign? You likely seem them all around the valley.  It is a very broad term, but generally implies a larger free-standing sign structure in front of a building or business location. What size can a [...]

Glow in the Dark Signs

Glow in the dark signs? Absolutely! Blue Ridge Sign & Stamp offers the option of using glow in the dark vinyl material for your sign needs. Glow in the dark signage is very visible in either low level light conditions or when no light is available. Glow in the dark signage Glow in the dark vinyl signs are often used for safe passage in emergency exit areas such as stairwells and hallways. These signs will glow in low or no light areas for about an hour. The goal [...]

Kids Square in Downtown Roanoke

Kids Square is a fun and innovative space in downtown Roanoke for children 10 and under.  The various exhibits in Kids Square encourage education through fun play in the Town, Forest, Theatre, Building Zone, Sensory Cove, and the Dig Pit.  Blue Ridge Sign & Stamp was honored to be selected to complete the graphics and signage for this fun space.  Our team designed, fabricated, and installed vinyl graphics on various surfaces including the walls and windows throughout Kids Square.  Learn more about this fun project.    

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