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Letter Height Guidelines for Business Signage

Letter Height Recommendations for Business Signage Ensuring the right letter height in your business signs makes all the difference in a sign that gets ignored and a sign that stands out. We know letter height in business signage can be confusing. There are many factors that impact the size of your sign lettering including:  distance for easy reading, speed and proximity of passing traffic, application, color of letters, and background color. Explore the graphic below of standard letter size guidelines as well as other topics in our custom [...]

Car Wrap vs Lettering vs Vehicle Graphics

Vinyl Car Wrap vs Car Lettering vs Car Graphics Vehicle graphics and vehicle lettering or car wraps are terms that many people use interchangeably.  However, they are indeed very different.  Learn about the key differences in this post.  Also be sure to read our additional tips on vehicle advertising in our Custom Sign Resource Center. The key difference is that with a wrap, the background of the vehicle will be covered (or wrapped) and that background will have the images and messaging embedded within it. Versus with graphics [...]

Vinyl Sign Material and Creative Applications

Vinyl Signs Vinyl is used extensively in the professional sign business. In fact, you might be surprised at the various creative ways we use vinyl in sign fabrication.  Applications for vinyl include general business signage, vehicle graphics, boat graphics, window graphics, wall graphics, wall murals, and door/office hours. Some of the more atypical applications for vinyl include boat motor hood cover, etched glass vinyl to create privacy films, reproducing photographs into wall graphics, personalizing yeti coolers, and ceiling murals. So here's the 411 on various ways we use [...]

What Type of Signs Require Permits?

What Types of Signage Require Permitting? When planning and ordering signs for your business it's important to understand what signs require permits or are regulated by various governing bodies. Regulations vary by locale, but below are some general guidelines for you to consider.  Need specifics for what types of signs require permits for your exact situation?  Contact us.  We have many years of experience with sign permit regulations and can answer questions for your specific building and location. Indoor signage permit requirements Permits are not required for interior [...]

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